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Verified information of essential recourses for COVID-19 (WB)

We recognize the challenges medical misinformation poses in the digital age and feel compelled to do whatever we can to ensure the well-being of our families back home. Although we all are vigilantly monitoring the Covid-19 situation from friends, family and local sources and trying to keep abreast of the worrisome development, we are seeing a surge in unverified and possible misinformation taking rounds in social media related to the availability of oxygen, hospital beds and other essential commodities in this unsettling times.

In the light of this, we collated a list of resources that we can keep handy. We pray no one shall need this but it's only practical to have this information available with us. The information is also available for download as pdf below.

Covid Resources 04-29-2021
Download PDF • 593KB

Few more resources:

1) Integrated Covid Management System of Government of West Bengal

2) Covid resources for friends and families in India (other than Kolkata). please share:

Initiative from US Indian-American Physicians community to relieve the strain on Indian medical system:

1) US Indian-American Physicians community have unanimously joined hands to provide COVID-19 consultations FREE OF CHARGE for India. To schedule your appointment visit MDtok

2) An effort by American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin and 'Sewa International'.   Patients from any part of India can get FACE to FACE FREE CONSULTATION with doctors, regarding COVID, by signing up on eGlobalDoctors - Care for better

N.B. We have verified this information with Green Crusaders, West Bengal Doctor’s Forum and Bharat Sevashram Sangha Hospital to the best of our ability but cannot guarantee ongoing dependability. We recommend using them as auxiliary sources of information that can be cross checked when needed. This page will be updated regularly as more information/updates will be available.


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