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Saikat EC 2022-2023

Thank you from Saikat EC 2022-2023

Dear Saikat Family,


As we bid adieu to 2023, we also conclude our fulfilling two-year journey as the Executive Committee. It has been an incredible honor to serve the Saikat community, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support.


During this two year tenure, beyond the festivities, Saikat upheld its tradition of giving back through initiatives like beach cleaning and food bank volunteering. Apart from our charitable and philanthropic events, we also tried to endeavor to increase our community outreach through various workshops and community events. Our efforts to foster a big yet tightly-knit community have been a positive step towards building stronger connections among our members.

Nurturing Saikat's Growth & Unveiling Initiatives for a Thriving Community

Next Gen Saikat:

Focused on nurturing the next generation of Saikat leaders. Conducted workshops and community events to empower and engage young Saikat members.

Saikat Samman:

Aiming to recognize and honor the members who have contributed significantly to Saikat's growth and vibrancy

Religious to Arts & Culture Organization:

Successfully transitioned to an Arts & Culture organization, anticipating new avenues for funding through matching and donations in 2024 and beyond.

Digital Coupon for Food Distribution:

Launched a digital coupon system for food distribution to accommodate Saikat's growing patronage.

Aimed at streamlining processes and reducing registration desk queues for a more efficient experience.

Planning Committee for Saikat Permanent Home:

Planning committee is formed to established a dedicated permanent space for all the future Saikat events

Saikat Registered as Non-Profit in California:

Marks a significant milestone in the organization's commitment to its mission and values as Achieved non-profit corporation status for Saikat in the state of California.

Own Pujor Agomonir Gaan in Sharod Utsob 2023:

Successfully featured our own Pujor Agomonir Gaan during Sharod Utsob 2023.

Media Coverage for Saikat

This year during Durga puja, Saikat's influence has expanded not only within San Diego but also reaching Kolkata, India. Our Durga Puja celebrations garnered attention in Aaj Kal Patrika and Online Anandabazar, and TV9 Bangla even shared glimpses of our festivities. Your support has made Saikat's growth and outreach possible, making it more than just a local gathering but a global community.

A special thanks to Shri Shantanu Sinha, Shri Abhijit Chatterjee, Shri Kaushik Ghoshal, and Shri Subhadeep Guha for their invaluable guidance on the Board of Advisors. Their wisdom has been a guiding light for us.

As we pass the baton to the new Executive Committee, we wish them the very best. May Saikat continue to soar to new heights of glory in the coming years. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.


Warm Regards

Saikat EC 2022-2023


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