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Saikat EC 2020-21

Thank You all Saikat patrons for supporting us through the Pandemic Years 2020-21...

Dear Saikat family, Farewell from EC 2020-21 At the end of two eventful years its time to say farewell from the EC 2020-21. The CoVid-19 pandemic upended normal life, making 2020 and 2021 an unprecedented period. The untimely loss of near and dear ones, severe economic hardships from the lockdowns and continued impact from the several variants became the new reality. In addition, natural calamities like Amphan caused further loss of life and livelihoods for many in West Bengal. The health guidelines from local and federal authorities restricted us to social distancing. We thank all our patrons and members for patiently allowing us to adapt with the new technologies and overcome initial hiccups to deliver virtual events. All of You, Saikat members always stood by us and provided all the support. The development and rollout of Covid19 vaccines enabled us to resume in-person events with proper precautions. The Summer Picnic 2021 and long-awaited Durga Puja 2021 were enjoyed by all. We would also like to thank the Saikat family for being responsible citizens and maintaining all practical safety measures during our events. With Warm Regards, Saikat EC


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