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Appeal for PPE (Face Masks) Donation for Healthcare Professionals.

Dear Saikat family,

Today we speak to you on an important topic. Throughout the nation and world, there is a high demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals and the public. The healthcare professionals in our community who have been our brave warriors on the front lines for the fight of our generation have put out an appeal to the community to help in any way we can. Like we have done many times in the past, the community needs us, and we must rise to the occasion.

Will you help us with masks for the vulnerable?

If you are willing to make or donate masks or know of other people who would like to participate - please use the sign-up form:

Several of our members have already started taking the lead and are already sewing masks. Look at some notable examples of masks made by Shri Subhadeep Guha and Smt. Swapna Deb Roy.

Kaiser group has provided some useful tutorials for selecting the right materials and maintaining the necessary quality to produce effective masks:


How to video: There are several options to donate the masks either within our community, directly to hospitals or to other organizations mobilized to produce and distribute face masks. Further details will be available on our website.

Saikat has set a goal to produce at least 500 masks with the enthusiastic participation of our community. While these masks are not the equivalent of N95 PPE, they are invaluable in limiting exposure in non-patient situations.

Saikat members have always been generous with their time and resources to help our communities and I hope that together we can meet the growing need of face masks to protect against the coronavirus. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and hope this information will help you get started on this noble effort to “flatten the curve”.

With Warm Regards, Saikat EC

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