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Brown bag charity event on 26 July 2019

The great enthusiasm of the kids and young adults of our community led us to plan for yet another round of Brown Bag event for the homeless teens and adults. Saikat is joining hands with U- turn lives, a non-profit volunteer driven organization, aimed at assisting the economically challenged and homeless people.

Parents - please sign up your kids to pack the Brown Bags. It will start from around 7:30pm on Friday, July 26. The venue will be communicated to the attendees. Certificates will be provided for the volunteering hours. All necessary items will be provided by Saikat. We also need 5 volunteers on Saturday (July 27, 2019) morning at 9am (at Neil Good Day Center in Downtown San Diego) to distribute the brown bags, along with coffee and oatmeal.

The total cost of the event is ~$400 and we are looking for a few sponsors, donating whatever amount you feel comfortable to bring a smile on the faces of the homeless teens.

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