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Saikat's Charity - RMHC on April 20, 2019

Ronald McDonald House Charities San Diego has been helping families for long time with food and shelter when they are in their dire need. Saikat regularly participate in "Cooking a Meal" charity work at RMHC. Our dedicated volunteers prepared hot lunch for 160+ people (families of children admitted at Rady's Childrens Hospital) on April 20th, 2019. Saikat EC would like to express deepest gratitude to all volunteers, especially the kids and young adults for working tirelessly.

Saikat EC also would like to thank Shraman Ray Chaudhuri (son of Easeeta Ray Chaudhuri & Siddhartha Ray Chaudhuri) and Sanghamitra Sinha (daughter of Shantanu Sinha & Usha Sinha) for kindly sponsoring this charity event. These next generation members of our Saikat family have set a notable example and we hope more people can come forward to support these noble causes.

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