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Helping Homeless Kids, Saikat's Charity Event, March 29

On the evening of Friday March 29, 2019, kids and teenagers from our community got together again to pull off another charity event successfully. They packed 100+ foods and amenity bags which has been donated to 'Stand Up For Kids' (SFK). SFK provides temporary shelter and basic needs to homeless youth nationwide. They also try to empower them towards lifelong personal growth through open, straightforward counseling, mentoring, and life-skills training. Without the help of support of these organizations, they land up being permanently on the streets, at a higher risk of further violence and abuse while not having access to basic daily needs for food, clothing, and hygiene. SAIKAT has partnered with SFK North County chapter and continue to support the cause as we have done in the past. It's amazing to see our young SAIKAT members upholds the same burning spirit to stand by the cause. SAIKAT EC would like to express most humble gratitude to these kids, teenagers, and their parents.

SAIKAT EC would also like to acknowledge the kind generosity of our donors Pijush & Indrani Dewanjee, Atanu Halder & Tulika Saha, Dipanjan & Chandana Sengupta as well as another Saikat family for sponsoring this charity event. With your support, we can expand our philanthropic activities and give back to the society.

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