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Results of Saikat Election for Executive Committee (EC) for 2018-19

Dear Saikat Poribar,

We are very happy to announce the new Executive Committee for 2018-19. The Election Commission, having duly verified the nominations of the candidates for Saikat Election 2017, has found that each candidate has been running uncontested for his or her respective post. Therefore, no balloting/voting is required in this case.

Thus, the Commission hereby finds the nominated candidates as winners of the respective posts.

President-Elect: Shri Abhikesh Nag

General Secretary: Shri Siladitya Ray Chaudhuri

Treasurer: Shri Samit Kumar Dutta

Activity Coordinator: Shri Banikumar Maiti

Food Coordinator: Shri Arjun Saha

Please find attached a formal declaration of winners and certification of results by the Commission.

Please join the Election Commission in congratulating the winners and wishing them all the best in their new roles as Officers in the Saikat Executive Committee.

Finally, we, the members of the Election Commission, having hereby concluded our assigned task of conducting Saikat Election 2017, do hereby request you, the Executive Committee, that the said Commission be dissolved forthwith res judicata. We thank you all so much for the opportunity.


Kajal Chowdhury, Member

Abhijit Chatterjee, Member

Shyama Prasad Mondal, Convener

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