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Saikat EC 2016-2017

2016-17 Executive Committee

President: Anuradha De

President-Elect: Debopriyo Chowdhury

General Secretary: Tirtha Ghosh

Treasurer: Subrata Chakraborty

Activity Coordinator: Banikumar Maiti

Food Cordinator: Biswa Pronab Choudhury

Member At Large: Rakesh Sit

Member At Large: Samit Dutta

Member At Large: Gautam Bandyopadhyay

Member At Large: Kibria Khan

The BoA Team

Pijush Dewanjee

Avijit Chakraborty

Dinendra Sen

Farewell message from the outgoing President & EC:

Dear Saikat Poribar,

It was an honor to serve past six years as a member in the EC and last two years as the President. In these past two years, almost every alternate Wednesday we, the EC members, met at my house and had entertaining and animated “adda” along with serious discussion on the agenda. Meetings were scheduled for 2 hours but ran easily for 3-4 hours. Finally, we dined together and members left for home with some positive thoughts on Saikat.

In addition to providing quality program during our scheduled events, we were mindful about financial health of the organization. We creatively organized some of our events to save money but did not hesitate to enrich our assets by procuring improved audio system. Year-end financial report by the Treasurer will show our positive growth during the last two years.

We felt that in one area we can intensify our activities, and that is charitable service. There is more room for community outreach. EC discussed about various ways we can expand our charitable work, and I am sure, future EC led by some members of the current EC, who participated on those discussion will carry the torch and initiate more community based work in future. Along that line of thoughts, I am glad to inform you that current EC has made a decision to provide financial support to another poor and under-served girl in Bengal. In essence, Saikat will support two poor girls in Bengal, one started in 2009 and the other just started in 2017. I feel happy to lead the organization towards fulfillment of one our mission and express my heart felt gratitude for your sustained support.

With warm regards,

Anuradha on behalf of outgoing EC

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