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Spring Festival 2021/ সরস্বতী পূজা ২০২১

This year Saikat celebrated the Saraswati puja virtually, on February 20th 2021. The Puja was broadcasted on Saikat's YouTube channel. Puja was followed by virtual Kids' talent show, a Painting workshop for kids, Antyakshari, and other cultural events. This year the painting workshop was based on the art style of iconic Indian painter, Padma Bhushan Jamini Roy. It was our small effort to create an opportunity for our kids to learn and appreciate Bengal’s cultural heritage and create some wonderful memories.

Members of our own Saikat family came together with their performances which included Nabanita Deb Sen's comedy 'Elizabethan System' directed by Kalyani Ghosh. ‘Dekhi Banglar Mukh’ (দেখি বাংলার মুখ) a portrayal of Bengali culture, heritage and History directed by Manisha Maiti, a dance performance depicting ‘Radha Krishna Biroho’ (রাধা কৃষ্ণ বিরহ) by Siya Sit and a fun filled talk show 'Lockdown-e Jhal ebong Nonta' (Lockdown এ ঝাল এবং নোনতা). The evening ended with Saikat's first-ever virtual Antyakshari.


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