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Many of our Saikat family members are now receiving the Covid-19 vaccines and are waiting eagerly for our in-person events to resume. We had planned to celebrate the recent small victories with an evening of music, entertainment and food on May 22nd with the 'Krishti 2021'.

However, In the last two weeks, the second surge of Covid-19 cases has broken all previous records in India. This rapid surge has constrained the health care system in India to the extreme. This situation has affected many of our family and friends acutely there. We convey our heartfelt condolences and intend to mitigate the circumstances in whatever way we can. In this dire situation, we are putting on hold on the current plan of 'Krishti 2021' and donating a part of the pre-allocated funds in Covid relief. While we are moving swiftly with the initial donation of $7000, we sincerely appeal for your additional contributions to make our effort more impactful. Please   donate    here.

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