Durga Puja 2020 E-Magazine: Call For Articles

Dear Saikat Family, As you all know we will be celebrating Durga Puja on 24th October. As always, Pujo Magazine is an integral part of our celebration. Unlike other years, this year we will have an E-magazine only so that we capture the creativity from our community and yet keep it contact-less.

To drive this effort, our own Saikat member, Shri Soumya Ganguly has graciously accepted the responsibility to be the Editor of the E-magazine.

Please bring your creative mind to work and submit your stories, poems, articles, artworks, write-ups, small videos by 18th October, 2020 by sending email to magazine@saikat.org

We intend to have the E-magazine being online by November 1st, 2020.

  • Types of contributions: Fictions, non-fiction essays, artwork, poetry, recipes, biographies, travelogues, small video of duration 3-5 minutes etc.

  • Format: Written Content submissions using Microsoft Word or Google Docs will only be accepted (no scanned or handwritten articles)

  • Video: Video format should have 1080p resolution, MP4 file format (playable on windows), audio should be of sampling rate of 48KHz, bit rate of 128 kbps and Saikat Transparent logo embedded, which will be provided to you on-request. 

  • Format of artwork: Sketches or paintings must be scanned (not merely photographed with a phone), with a resolution of at least 300dpi and submitted preferably as a pdf, png, tiff, eps. Please note that JPEG formats result in significant loss of resolution and should ideally be avoided, or at the very least the JPEG file should be 3MB in size (anything less than that cannot be accepted). Artwork for the cover may need to be submitted in original for high-resolution scanning. If you have any doubt or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to email us in advance. 

  • Cover Page: For artwork to be considered for the cover page of the magazine, please add a note in the email. The final decision for the choice of cover page artwork rests with the EC and the Editor. Submissions for the cover page must be original artwork and must not have been published elsewhere, including facebook and other social media.

  • Length of Articles: Maximum length of literary contents is 3 pages, when formatted as per guidelines below.

  • Submission format

  • Title - Cambria Headings Size 26

  • Name - Cambria Headings Size 14, Bold

  • Main Body - English - Times New Roman Size 12, Bengali - Vrinda, font Size 12, Paragraph -Line Spacing 1.5

  • Content and Copyright: All submissions should preferably be original content. If articles have been published elsewhere, please include a note indicating where and when and if you have the copyright to publish it with Saikat. The final decision to include these in the magazine rests with the Editorial Team.

  • Bio: Please include your name, picture and a short bio of 2-3 lines in (Times New Roman Size 11) for any submission.

  • Advertisements: Materials used for publicity of a personal business, book etc., (equivalent to advertisement) are welcome as well. Please contact ec@saikat.org for the relevant rates.

  • Acknowledgement: Every submission to magazine@saikat.org and soumyag@gmail.com will be acknowledged via email within a couple of days of submission. If you do NOT receive this acknowledgement within 3-4 days, please inquire via email to ec@saikat.org.

If you have any other question or comment, please let us know at ec@saikat.org

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