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Krishti (কৃষ্টি) on August 10th 2019

Event Photo Album: Click here

We organized KRISHTI - our annual evening of cultural extravaganza, on Saturday August 10, 2019. This year we were extremely pleased to host two celebrated artists.

The first program of the evening will be a Sitar Recital by Shri Hidayat Husain Khan(son of the legendary Ustad Vilayat Khan). He harbors a creative brilliance that effortlessly takes him from very classical to very colloquial, from playing the intricate Etawah Gharana to performing with the Rolling Stones. He is also a vocalist, well-versed in the ‘Gayaki Ang’, where the voice blends with the instrument. Hidayat-ji will offer us an ensemble of instrumental and occasional vocal pieces that take us to the enchanting domain.

This will be followed by a Vocal Performance by Smt. Sispiya Banerjee from Kolkata. Sispiya was born into a musical family, most notably her grandfather, the illustrious Indian classical singer, Pandit Nalini Chakraborty. Her melodious voice makes her a regular in musical programs for Akash 8, DD Bangla, Ruposi Bangla and Tara Muzik. Smt. Banerjee has also done playback singing for TV series (Star Jalsa, Zee Bangla) as well as movies such as Punascha and Bhalobasar Bari. She will take us on a captivating journey with a potpourri of Rabindrasangeet, folk and Adhunik melodies as well as Hindi songs.

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