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We are delighted to extend our warmest invitation to you and your family for the grand celebration of our biggest festival, Sharod Utsob 2023. This year's festivities will span four unforgettable days, featuring two days of Durga Puja at Carmel Valley Middle School on October 21st (Saturday) and 22nd (Sunday), culminating with Bijoya Dasami on October 28th and Lakshmi Puja on October 29th at the Design 39 campus. We are excited to present to you a delightful fusion of Puja rituals, cultural festivities, and delectable culinary experiences on both days of Durga Puja, ensuring a truly enriching experience for everyone

They say no Bengali celebration is complete without the aroma of delectable food wafting through the air. At Durga Puja 2023, we've prepared a tantalizing array of crunchy refreshments and mouthwatering Bengali delicacies to satiate your taste buds.

Join us on a culinary voyage that will immerse you in the rich tapestry of traditional Bengali cuisine. Indulge in the legacy of Bengali flavors and embark on a gastronomic adventure that promises to leave you completely satisfied

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We are happy to announce that multiple renowned artists from India will be performing during this year's Durga Puja. We hope to present to all Saikat patrons a memorable Sharodiya cultural program this year.

  • We are required by law to ensure the capacity of venues for Pujo and Concerts do not get exceed.

  • As such, to maintain a safe and joyous environment, sale of Event Passes shall be closed as and when MAX capacity is reached.

  • We request all non-members interested in participating in Saikat's Sharod Utsav 2023 to please complete the RSVP (including payment) at the earliest to ensure we are able to provide you a smooth check-in experience at the venue.

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To comply with legal regulations and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, we will close Event Pass sales once the maximum venue capacity is reached for Pujo and Concerts. Non-members interested in Saikat's Sharod Utsob 2023 are urged to RSVP and make payment promptly to guarantee a smooth check-in process.

RSVP for Durga Pujo (October 21 & 22) is Now Closed. To RSVP for Anupan Roy's Concert (October 28) go to Bijoya Sammilani. Due to venue limitations, we will only be able to allow a limited number of walk-ins this year...



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